Boo Boo Zoo Animal Sponsorships

The Boo Boo Zoo is home to over 200 goats, deer, sheep and pigs.  Many of our Boo Boo Babies have conditions that require medications or special treatments and many veterinarian visits.  Many of our Boo Boo Babies came to The Boo Boo Zoo as their last resort and will be with us for life.

This sponsorship program will help us continue to care for these wonderful babies and the future babies who come to us when they have no where else to turn.


Gift an Animal Sponsorship to Someone you Love

We will send a Boo Boo Zoo sponsorship gift certificate to the recipient of your choice.  You can have us send it to your address so you can give the gift personally or we can send it to the recipient directly.  Your choice.


Meet a Few of our Wonderful Featured Boo Boo Babies



Baby was born with “Floppy Kid Syndrome”. She flopped around on the ground at birth and could not stand. The rancher unbelievably told his worker to just leave her alone and that she would be dead by morning 🙁

Fortunately the worker called the Boo Boo Zoo instead 🙂

We had her bring in Baby right away because we needed to administer colostrum within the first 24 hours after birth to help establish her immune system. Our vet said the prognosis was poor but not without hope.

Sylvan kept Baby on his lap 24/7 giving her nutrition and working her legs and holding her up to teach her to stand.  In just under a week she began to stand on her own and within 2 weeks she was walking. Today she is happy and strong and will be with us for the rest of her life.



Chunior one of the Boo Boo Zoo’s newest family members! Chunior was brought to us after being separated from his herd by a hunter running his dogs near the airport. He was only two weeks old at the time. Thankfully, the hunter’s wife called us and we were able to get Chunior to safety. He is now with Sylvan 24/7 to make sure he is well cared for. Here are the two buddies on a little joy ride. Now this is what love looks like!



Penelope “Penny” came to the Boo Boo Zoo as a baby.  She was born without eyes and she was going to be euthanized.  Fortunately, we were able to save her from that fate.  She now lives with her bird friends who defend her from any danger and is cared for by our wonderful volunteers.

We just got Penny a new bright pink harness so she can go on walks in the sunshine and visit with the other animals.  Penny is a beloved baby at the Boo Boo Zoo.