Sponsor a Boo Boo Baby

Gift a Loved One or a Friend an Animal Sponsorship Gift Certiticate

Boo Boo Zoo Animal Sponsorships

The Boo Boo Zoo is home to over 400 animals.  A lot of our Boo Boo Babies have conditions that require medications or special treatments and repeated veterinarian visits. Many of our Boo Boo Babies came to The Boo Boo Zoo as their last resort and will be with us for life.

This sponsorship program will help us continue to care for these precious ones and for those who will come to us in the future when they have no where else to turn.


Gift a Sponsorship to Someone you Love

For recurring Monthly/Yearly sponsorships we will send a Boo Boo Zoo sponsorship gift certificate to the recipient of your choice.  You can have us send it to your address so you can give the gift personally or we can send it to the recipient.  Your choice.