Working Crew

Meet Our Board

Meet the Board members of the East Maui Animal Refuge (EMAR). Most of the board members started as volunteers at EMAR.  These dedicated individuals are instrumental in keeping EMAR running now and into the future.

Tami Johnson

Secretary and Vice President

Tami joined East Maui Animal Refuge as a volunteer in the cattery. She coordinates and drives funding programs and goes onsite to various events to represent and raise funds for East Maui Animal Refuge. Tami also reaches out to large corporations, such as Walmart, for donations. Tami manages our donor list and sends thank you cards and organizes the newsletters.

Dee Hamby


Dee joined the board of directors after being a volunteer in the cattery.  She works with the Kahoolawe Island Reserve Commission to restore and protect the island that was used as a military training ground for bombing exercises. Dee has experience raising funds for organizations such as Oxfam America, Democratic National Committee, Democratic Congressional Committee, Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign and Emily’s List.

Wilma Klein

Vice President

Wilma has been a dedicated volunteer for almost 10 years and joined the board in 2016. She has been a volunteer in the cattery and a foster care parent for kittens needing intensive care. Wilma has her own medical billing service and is retired from a local pharmacological supplier on Maui.

Ronald McDowell


Ron is a retired licensed contractor and he provided pro-bono work for years for many of the buildings on the property, including design, new construction, repairs and maintenance. He worked closely with the volunteers to identify areas that needed improvement and to design solutions based on their needs and input. Ron recently moved out of state and continues to support the organization as a board member.

Steve Vogel


Steve is a retired corporate litigation lawyer who joined the board in 2016 and provides legal direction and advice. As a volunteer he helped coordinate tabling events to recruit volunteers and spread awareness about the organization.

Mark McEachern


Mark is an engineer and inventor for security devices. Like many of our board members, Mark started as a volunteer. He was a volunteer for about 4 years in the cattery before becoming a director of the board.