Boo Boo Zoo Kitty Sponsorships

The Boo Boo Zoo is home to over 135 kitties.  Many of our kitties have conditions that require medications or special treatments and many veterinarian visits. Most of our kitties came to The Boo Boo Zoo as their last resort and will be with us for life.

This sponsorship program will help us continue to care for these kitties and the future kitties who come to us when they have no where else to turn.


Gift a Sponsorship to Someone you Love

We will send a Boo Boo Zoo sponsorship gift certificate to the recipient of your choice.  You can have us send it to your address so you can give the gift personally or we can send it to the recipient.  Your choice.


Meet a Few of our Wonderful Featured Kitties



Butterfly is a tuxedo male. He came to us about 1 year ago. He’s missing half of his hind leg and has a hard time walking. Butterfly is probably the most loved and the most cuddled cat in our cattery.


La Boca

Our sweet boy La Boca is 9-10 years old and been with us for a long time. He has several health issues and will need medication for his lifetime. He is also missing an eye. La Boca likes to snooze on top of the tumble dryer and is always happy when a volunteer comes into cuddle.


Little Paint

Little paint is 6-7 years old and has been with us for 5 years. He has herpes in his eyes (not transferrable to humans) which can only be managed not cured. He is quite a talkative boy and loves to interact with his caregivers and cuddlers.


Mai Tai 

Sweet little Mai Tai is 10 years old and has no teeth because of illness and is blind.

Mai Tai came to us because her former owner was told by his landlord that Mai Tai could not live in his apartment so he kept Mai Tai is his car for 2 years before the Humane Society intervened and brought Mai Tai to us.   Everyone here loves Mai Tai.



Jack is a beautiful big boy has been with us for about 5 years. He has Feline Aids and needs daily medication to keep him healthy. He is big and gentle guy who loves his food.


Kuuipo Kane

Kuuipo Kane is a beautiful soul.  He is 3 years old and came to us 2 years ago. He has a neurological issue which causes him to have balance problems. He is very playful and loves to be cuddled.


Cleutus Ray

Cleutus Ray is a 7 year old male and came to us about 1 year ago. He has a difficult skin condition and needs daily medication so that his skin isn’t inflamed and itchy. He loves to sit on a big rubber feed bin and watch the goats in the courtyard.


Kona Junior

Kona Junior is 4 and he came to us as a kitten.  He is blind and has no eyes. He is playful and loves playing ball with young kittens.  Kona is a super sweet boy.